Detroit among cities where FDA may close food, drug safety labs


FDAFDA closes some of its labs. I understand that restructuring is focused on optimizing resources and reducing expenses. Business as usual. However, this article says that "the group believes the closures could slow the response to a bioterrorism attack.."

What bioterrorism attack? This is not the first time media is letting these two words slip into the news. What is the purpose of this sentence - to create a fear amongst americans to use their response as a lever in some politic game, or what?

Do you want to speed up the response to a "bioterrorism attack"? Ban the fast food shops.

Read the article below.. 

WASHINGTON -- As many as seven of the federal laboratories that help safeguard the nation's food and drugs could close, an environmental and public health group said Thursday.

A proposed Food and Drug Administration plan to consolidate its network of labs could leave half of them shuttered, Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility said. The labs test food, cosmetics, drugs and other medical products for safety, purity and effectiveness. They also help investigate public health threats.

The group believes the closures could slow the response to a bioterrorism attack or outbreak of foodborne illness.

The FDA is reviewing ways to prioritize and best match its resources with its operational responsibilities, said Julie Zawisza, an FDA spokeswoman.

"We are committed to our mission of protecting and advancing the public health and continually explore ways to improve our field operations," she said.

The public health group listed as being considered for closure facilities in Detroit, Cincinnati, Denver, Kansas City, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Seattle.

source Detroit News