Danish allergy giant in the melting pot


alk abello A new Danish drug giant is flourishing in Hørsholm after ALK-Abelló has launched its allergy tablets, Grazax, on its first market. It is predicted that the company will develop the sale to surpass Lundbeck’s present turnover. Consequently, the shares are up by 37.5 per cent in two days and it has made the shareholders wealthier by approximately DKK 3.2 billion.

“I estimate that the sale in Europe may reach DKK 4.5 billion within a number of years and that sale in the USA may yield just as much,” says share analyst Henrik Simonsen at the investment bank SEB Enskilda, which does not wish to guess the what the shares will end at.

At the principal shareholder, the Lundbeck fund, arms are high in the air and they see a bright future for ALK-Abelló.

“ALK-Abelló has great opportunities for progressing in the years to come and for becoming significantly larger than today. We have great confidence in the company and its management,” says Arne V. Jensen, chairman of the Lundbeck fund.

The product’s target group is 5 million people who suffer from moderate to strong grass allergy. How much money will come to ALK-Abelló depends on how great the penetration will be and the price obtainable on the various markets. According to SEB Enskilda, things will be better for ALK-Abelló in their negotiations after the company obtained a price at the high end in Germany.

Finally it is very important for the value of the company and the potential sale if the company will obtain a good agreement in the USA.