Tanox begins latest asthma treatment trial


Tanox Inc.Tanox Inc. has initiated a new clinical trial of TNX-650 as a potential treatment for moderate-to-severe asthma.

The Phase I trial involves 32 subjects and will study the safety, tolerability and pharmacokinetics of single doses of TNX-650 in healthy volunteers.

Moderate-to-severe asthmatics comprise approximately 35 percent of the estimated 17 million asthma patients in the U.S.

Tanox is also evaluating the effect of TNX-650 as a potential treatment for Hodgkin's lymphoma in an ongoing Phase 1 clinical trial.

Based in Houston and with a manufacturing facility in San Diego, Tanox (NASDAQ:TNOX) specializes in discovering and developing monoclonal antibodies to treat diseases that interfere with the immune system.

The company's first-approved drug and first antibody to be brought to market, Xolair -- developed in collaboration with Genentech Inc. (NYSE:DNA) and Novartis AG (NYSE:NVS) -- treats allergic asthma.